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They were ALWAYS gods - and 1 God religions are: 1. FANTASY "Jewry" - 2. FANTASY "Christianity" - 3. FANTASY "Islam"  

Judentum mit
                            Israel-Fahne: Der Davistern ist FALSCH   Church has a
                          Jesus fantasy story with the codes 3,12,13 and
                          33 - Freemasons!   Islam world? Arabia was
                          Christian until 800 and Muhammad is a big LIE  

Data and facts about the 3 criminal FANTASY 1 God religions "Jewry", "Christianity", and "Islam"
Waste of time and self-sacrifice for the high mafia of religions producing only sheep and killings.

These 1 God religions are a HORROR because all three claim the absolute truth for themselves. Dec 4, 2023

Fantasies remain fantasies - also claimed as truth during 3,000 years. Dec 4, 2023

Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad are FANTASY - says archeology. Feb 2020

When a friend does not come for 2023 years, this is NOT a friend. Dec 10, 2023

With a FANTASY God there is NO peace because they were ALWAYS gods - link

Peace is with Mother Earth - go for it - link

The reliclown. March 19, 2024

by Michael Palomino (*1964)

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Data canNOT conspire, but can only be incomplete. 2003

This web site is running since Dec 5, 2023.

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Sociology, medicine, energy etc.
South "America" (Chile, Peru, Ecuador etc.)
They were gods: astronauts came around 3000 years ago and taught people agriculture + urban planning
Däniken is confirmed - in South "America" the cr. Church only raged for 600 years, so many old statuettes survived
Gods in Cusco: Sacsayhuamán
Gods in Cusco: Sacsayhuamán
Gods in
                            Ecuador: Cuenca
Gods in Ecuador: Cuenca
Gods in
                            Ecuador: Quito
Gods in Ecuador: Quito
look South "America"
                            in Columbia: Bogota
Gods in Columbia: Bogota

The solution for life is Mother Earth - for a life WITH the planet! - link  

1God fantasy religion fakes: Religions with Fantasy Talmud, Fantasy Bible+Fantasy Quran are written from THE SAME group of authors.

3 fantasies - Moses is a fantasy - Jesus is a fantasy - Muhammad is a fantasy - but Mother Earth is REAL
-- Moses is a fantasy - nothing could be found of him. The proofs are in the book: The Bible unearthed - link
-- Jesus is a fantasy: nothing could be found, but it's a code fantasy with the numbers 3,12,13 and 33 - link.
-- Vatican is a criminal pedophile satanic drug money laundering bank mafia - link with videos - and with sexual delicts and violations link with news.
-- Muhammad is a fantasy: nothing could be found, and the name "Muhammad" was used only since 850, not in 600 - link.
Mother Earth is real with peace and healings and instructions how to handle the planet, learn this: http://www.med-etc.com
Have a good day. - Michael Palomino, May 12, 2019

So you see: all 1 god religions are only a fake with a Fantasy God manipulating the masses into wars:

1. Moses Fantasy "Jewry"
claiming for world dominance: Talmud Thora dictatorship

-- New Torah (OT): Book "The Bible Unearthed": Moses+ David NOT existed, but there are some other shings that are not known etc.

Judentum mit Israel-Fahne: Der
                      Davistern ist FALSCH
Holocaust table-report (tunnel constructioning - Red Army etc.) - Number puzzle solved (2020)

Criminal Zionists and their goals - index
-- Zionist mafia - example: 400 Jewish atomic bombs against Iran and Germany (2015) 
-- Zionist mafia - example: Zionist Kalergi plan against Europe for the destruction of Europe (since 1923)  

2. Jesus Fantasy "Christiandom"
Churchery mafia index

Catholic Satanist criminal Fantasy Church=ORGANIZED CRIME: Terror, crusades, mass killings, slavery, inquisition, drugs, abuses, violations - all in the name of a Jesus fantasy with code 33 (Freemasons)

                    has a Jesus fantasy story with the codes 3,12,13 and
                    33 - Freemasons!
Research: Jesus NEVER existed: fantasy Jesus with Free Mason code 33 - The cross lie 

-- Chronology of cr. Church Kirche (Kahl) -- "Christianization" of Europe: was all mass murder and blackmail

-- Cr. Catholic Church (news: sexual abuse of children+nuns etc. without end)
Cr. Catholic Church (videos: about criminal gay Vatican, Vatican Bank, child abuse, and collaboration with the Italian mafia)
-- Criminal Mother Teresa (was never a nurse but only let die the patients and was collecting money)  
-- Protestant Church: Luther terrorist

Criminal Jesus Fantasy Church: racist colonialism
Criminal colonialism: The criminal church spreads terror all over the world by force of arms (blackmail with a Fantasy Jesus with code 33) PLUS: Robbery+drug trafficking with drugs from Peru, Ecuador and Colombia:

-- Criminal Church: colonialism+mass murder
-- Learner: Christian mass murder of natives "USA"
Colonialism: They destroyed all the world just
                    for code 33!

3. Muhammad fantasy "Islam"
Quran fantasy:
-- Islam index (all topics with the official fake chronology) 

Islam world? Arabia
                    was Christian until 800 and Muhammad is a big LIE

-- archeology: Muhammad NEVER existed: Good bye Muhammad (research with Arameic)
-- Sultans, oil (German) -- Islam terror (German)
-- Iraq: contaminated with radioactivity by the "USA" (and this is the product of criminal "Christians")

The order of UNO against censuration of 2011:
In 2011 UNO gave the order to Germany, Austria and Switzerland (CH) to avoid censuration concerning history

<Article 19: Freedoms of Opinion and Expression

"Laws limiting oppinions about historical facts by punishment are not acceptable with the duty which the states of the convention have accepted respecting the freedom of speech and opinion. The convention does not permit a general prohibition of the expression of an error oppinion or of an unright interpretation of events of the past."

(original in German: "Gesetze, welche den Ausdruck von Meinungen zu historischen Fakten unter Strafe stellen, sind unvereinbar mit den Verpflichtungen, welche die Konvention den Unterzeichnerstaaten hinsichtlich der Respektierung der Meinungs- und Meinungsäußerungsfreiheit auferlegt. Die Konvention erlaubt kein allgemeines Verbot des Ausdrucks einer irrtümlichen Meinung oder einer unrichtigen Interpretation vergangener Geschehnisse.")

(UN Human Rights Convention paragraph 49, CCPR/C/GC/34)

Indication by Adrian Preissinger on Facebook, March 7, 2014

Corrupt governments of Berlin, Berne and Vienna will have to follow this UNO order.

More web sites by Michael Palomino:
-- sociology, medicine, energy: www.soz-etc.com
-- South "America": www.am-sur.com
-- criminal Shitzerland (with corrupt UNO, World Bank, WHO, GAVI, etc.): www.chdata123.com

Jan 9, 2024: The 1-God religions are criminal organizations with carrots and bombs

There is only stupidity living there. www.relgaga.com

Peace is with Mother Earth on www.med-etc.com - with human rights - and they were always gods www.am-sur.com.

That's my opinion after 32 years of analysis in history.
Michael Palomino NEVER VACCINATE+ALWAYS CASH - www.hist-chron.com

[1] George Orwell: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10224272559031130&set=a.1504027370141

Photo sources
-- London, reptilian Rothschild Tower in New Court: http://www.worldarchitecturemap.org/buildings/new-court-rothschild-bank
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-- Austria, Salzburg:
-- Synagogue Budapest: http://www.reisealbum.de/englisch/budapest_e.htm (2005)
-- native of Peru, girl with baby on her back: photo of Michael Palomino (2007)
-- high heel in green: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pumps
-- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as a child on the piano: http://www.pianosociety.com/index.php?id=28
-- butterfly, example swallowtail: http://www.altmuehltal.de/riedenburg/rosskopfsteig/schwalbenschwanz.htm
-- dino: book: Mein grosses Dinosaurier-Malbuch; edition Xenos, Hamburg 1993
-- Wilhelm Tell, a wrong monument in Altdorf in Switzerland: http://www.museen-uri.ch/Land-der-Mythen-Tell-und-Gotthard.84.0.html
-- financial crisis, grafics: http://www.20min.ch/news/ausland/story/24467712
-- New Orleans after hurricane Catrina
-- Krishna with flute: http://www.vishnupedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=Krishna
-- Budda from northern Malaysia: http://www.rideagainstaids.com/photos2
-- Switzerland, train of SBB:
-- Switzerland, Matter horn with Lei lake: http://www.wandersite.ch/Europaweg.html

Däniken / Daeniken / Daniken:
-- Erich von Däniken, portrait: http://www.daniken.com/d/biographie.shtml
-- stone with rock paintings of astronauts in Australia: Däniken: El mensaje de los dioses, S.196
-- festival of the cayapos natives in Brasil with a puppet of an astronaut: http://www.spatyom.com/bolum-3-heykeller-ve-sanat-eserleri-t3218.html
-- menhir in Kerloas in Bretagne, France: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menhire_der_Bretagne
-- Sumerian god Shamash / Utu, relief: http://www.crystalinks.com/sumergods1a.html
-- map of Greece: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/europe/greece_rel96.jpg

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